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Experience The Beauty Of Elephant Festival Held In Jaipur!


The elephant is one the most respected animals in India. Rajasthan also has its own way of paying respect to this animal. The locals celebrate a festival called the Elephant Festival in the capital if the state Jaipur in the month of July. This year it is being celebrated from 9 July 2015 to 12 July 2015 and the occasion is promised to be one of the biggest India has ever seen.

Elephant Festival Jaipur

Elephant Festival Jaipur | Image Resource : saffronstays.com

A possession of elephants is taken around to show their majestic beauty and they are decorated with colorful garments which are made of cloth, beads and tiny mirrors. They look absolutely graceful when they walk through the paths created for them. The elephants legs are fitted with anklets and these produce a beautiful and pleasant jingling sound when the animals move around or shake. The mahouts of each elephant who are experienced and trained guide them through the street carefully. The elephants are even made to play polo and it delights the crowds to see them do so.

Mahout painting on Elephants for Festival

Mahout painting on Elephants for Festival | Image Resource : itcolossal.com

Elephant decorated with colorful garments of cloth, beads and tiny mirrors in Elephant festival

Elephant decorated with colorful garments of cloth, beads and tiny mirrors in Elephant festival | Image Resource : jaipurbeat.com

There are many events like tug of war where the strongest elephant and 10 people compete against each other. Another interesting event is the elephant races which are scary and thrilling because the ground almost shakes with so many elephants running to get past each other. It is said to be an experience of a lifetime.

Elephant Race in Jaipur Festival

Elephant Race in Jaipur Festival | Image Resource : webindia123.com

There is also an exhibition of things related to elephants or in theme of the elephants like clothes, decorations, ornaments and more. There is even a special food section which is said to be popular with the tourists. This festival has been celebrated since the time kings ruled Rajasthan and is hence a very historical event.

Tourists from all over the country travel to Jaipur during this season just to witness this extraordinary event. There are many ways to reach Jaipur as its well connected via the railways, roadways as well as airplane routes. It is recommended that the tourists stay as far away as possible from the elephants.