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Gogamedi Fair – The Global Festival!


Gogamedi Fair is one of the most famous fairs that take place in India.  The unique attribute of the fair is that it is famous all across the world and attracts a huge number of tourists from all across the globe. It is an annual fair that is renowned for the sale of livestock, exquisite handicrafts that are intricately designed, village crop and other artifacts that display the excellent craftsmanship. The fair is held in the western state of Rajasthan, India.

Gogamedi Fair

Gogamedi Fair | Image Resource : khabarexpress.com, travelbeats.indianeagle.com

Visiting the fair will enrich your experience as a tourist as it reflects the rich culture and the traditions of Rajasthan and gives you an opportunity to live those traditions. Moreover, the various artifacts displayed are unique and endemic to Rajasthan.

Gogaji Birthplace, Dadarewa

Gogaji Birthplace, Dadarewa | Image Resource : musafirtravelsprivatelimited.blogspot.in

Gogaji Temple Inner Part

Gogaji Temple Inner Part | Image Resource : musafirtravelsprivatelimited.blogspot.in

Gogamedi fair is of significant religious importance in Hanumangarh district. It is celebrated in the memory of of Gogaji, a Chauhan Rajput who hailed from Dardewa village in Churu district. Goga is regarded as the Snake God, and every household participates in this annual festival to commemorate their regional hero, Goga veer. The beliefs of these people are so extreme that they think that a snake bite can be treated by chanting the name of the Snake God. The fair is celebrated in the month of August every year.

Gogaji, a Chauhan Rajput

Gogaji, a Chauhan Rajput | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

Apart from the famous fair, the city is also famous for its cuisine and far stretching deserts. It is situated on the river banks of the river Ghaggar also known as Sarasvati River in the ancient times. The city was originally called Bhatner as it was established by King Bhupat in 225 AD. It remained under the control of Jats and Rajputanas of the Bhati clan, and later Maharaja Soorat Singh of Bikaner ruled over it. The city is also of archaeological importance as the remains found in Kalibangan reveal that the city was a part of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. The remains have been preserved at the museum in Kalibangan and National Museum, Delhi.

Maharaja Soorat Singh of Bikaner

Maharaja Soorat Singh of Bikaner | Image Resource : indianminiaturepaintings.co.uk